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Tamer's clients benefit from corrective exercise training.

Tamer works with clients of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. His goal is to help each individual prevent or recover from injury, or simply better align their body and correct muscle imbalance. Tamer’s study of body mechanics, along with his sports rehabilitation background, help him get to the root of his clients' issues and begin a path toward healing and overall good health


Tamer has helped people with many different issues:

Drop foot to walk normally again                                 

Lower back pain                                               

Shoulder injuries before and after surgery                      

Teens develop their bodies 

Knees injuries before and after surgery

Tennis and golfer elbow

Pelvic floor and hip alignment through exercise

Success Stories

I have been living with chronic and debilitating lower back pain for over ten years, and although I am very active I am also limited in my activity due to a problematic ankle. Tamer assessed me immediately, knew exactly what to do and how to approach my situation, and has successfully helped me to substantially reduce my back pain.  Each session he crafts a workout specific to my needs and my (now minor) limitations.  I have become stronger and leaner and at 54 years old can honestly say I am again enjoying working out. Thank you Tamer!

- Tracey C

"Tamer is far more than an exercise trainer.  His understanding of one’s anatomy and its functionality/dynamics is a monumental differentiator from any other trainer I have ever worked with.  At age 66 I have had back, shoulder, and elbow issues.  Tamer’s ability to understand the “underlying” root causes of the injury and his approach to addressing the real problem is both unique and excellent.  In addition to traditional training Tamer brings “physical therapy” to each and every session.  The results I have obtained since working with Tamer have enabled me to overcome multiple injuries and enjoy my activity bass red life.  I enthusiastically recommend Tamer!  You will not be disappointed."

- Ed S

Tamer doesn’t just train you-he inspires you. He makes you believe in yourself so that you don’t just become stronger and more fit, you become healthier. In my case, he took my age, my health, and my current state of fitness into account, and then designed a workout based on those criteria. I couldn’t be happier or healthier. 


- Doctor Mike F

I have been training with Tamer for about 9 months. Initially, because I play a lot of golf and was having back and elbow issues. I played over 80 rounds this year without any problems.  With his training as a physical therapist Tamer is more knowledgeable re:  The skeletal and musculature structure than most doctors.  I feel stronger, more energetic and overall better mentally and physically since training with him.  I recommend Tamer without hesitation to anyone looking for the best in a physical trainer. 

- Phil Tullman

Tamer is a miracle worker! He was able to easily identify the problem was with my lower back and in just a few sessions completely made my pain disappear.  He is very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and body anatomy and is careful to tailor fitness programs to fit my abilities and lifestyle. Whenever I leave a training session I feel amazing. 

- Elyse B

"At age 55 I had switched gyms and asked for a trainer who had experience training older people and was introduced to Tamer.  I came to him with a few pre-existing conditions, a totally torn rotator cuff, and a bad back.  After my 4 years of training prior to Tamer, I hadn't experienced any noticeable muscle gains. And now after 1 year with Tamer, I can say that Tamer has been able to transform my body. Not only does Tamer have the expertise to navigate my shoulder injury (and a re-injury he helped treat) enabling me to obtain these gains but I have the added bonus that my chronic shoulder pain has gone away.  I highly recommend Tamer as a personal trainer."


- Rich S

"After I had my second major double hernia surgery and endometriosis removed I was left with many post-operative issues. 

I met Tamer at the gym at a time I thought I would never do all the things I loved again, golf, tennis, hike, kayak, and bike.

Within one year, I gained all my muscle mass back, corrected my hips and back and most of my neck pain was relieved. Although I will never be pain-free, the most important thing Tamer gave me were the tools, exercises, and stretches to do when I do not feel my best. I am incredibly thankful for his patience and for wanting to help. His background in PT and weight training is exactly what I needed!"

- Kristy M

"Tamer did a masterful job dealing with all of my golf-related injuries.  I had spent years at multiple rehab facilities with little or no success in dealing with lower back and shoulder pain.  After training with Tamir my pain disappeared and my golf game improved.  He was able to teach me more flexibility and improved my golf shape so the injuries would never return.  Thank you, Tamer!  You are the best!!!"


- Thomas M

"Tamer has been both my and my wife’s fitness coach for several years. He has helped me recover from a very bad back issue two years ago- through massage, stretching, and weight training, Tamir helped my speedy recovery from severe lower back pain. 

Then, 6 months ago I was diagnosed with a double tear in my right meniscus causing pain and swelling in my knee, sidelining me from my weekly tennis game. My doctor said that I would not play tennis for 3 to 6 months and, I should consider surgery. After several weeks with Coach Tamir- primarily focused on strengthening muscle surrounding my knee- I’ve been playing tennis weekly better than before! Thank you, Tamir!!"

Ron P

"When I first came to work out with Tamer, I had terrible lower back pain. Tamer identified my issues and designed an exercise program that eliminated my back pain.  We then worked on my overall fitness. I am now in the best shape in years." 

- Jon M

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